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NGOCongress of Peoples Against Imperialism (CPAI)
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Background InformationThe Congress of Peoples Against Imperialism (CPAI), a forerunner of the Movement for Colonial Freedom (later Liberation), was an attempt to launch an Anglo-French campaign for colonial liberation. It was closely linked to the Independent Labour Party (ILP), and particularly to the sometime ILP MP Andrew Fenner Brockway. In the late 1940s the Congress absorbed the British Centre for Colonial Freedom (a.k.a. the British Centre Against Imperialism), which had similar goals, and had been founded in 1937. Source: Barberis et al _Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations_ 2000 pp93-4, 96
Year Created1948
Year Ended1950s
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesBritish Centre for Colonial Freedom (a.k.a. British Centre Against Imperialism)
Related OrganisationsIndependent Labour Party (ILP)
KeywordsInternational relations and international affairs.
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