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NGOCornish Nationalist Party (CNP)


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Founded by Dr James Whetter, CNP is an unregistered, breakaway political party advocating the "unitary authority of Cornwall" with Cornwell Council, rather than a devolved Cornish Assembly (as proposed by local party Mebyon Kernow), acting as the governing body. CNP also seeks to promote and defend Cornish culture (actively commemorating, for example, the anniversary of Thomas Flamank, who was executed in Blackheath, London on 27 June 1947). It aims to stand at local and national elections in the future (sources:; Barberis et al Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations 2000 p72; DANGO email correspondence, 30/05/10)


Year Created1975
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KeywordsGovernance and citizenship; Politics and political ideologies.
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