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CollectionCatholic Union of Great Britain (Westminster Diocesan Archives)
NGOCatholic Union of Great Britain (CU)
RepositoryWestminster Diocesan Archives
DescriptionEarly records (1850s-1969) have been deposited in the Westminster Diocesan Archives.
Access RightsTo consult this archive, researchers need permission from the Catholic Union and then to make an appointment with Westminster Diocesan Archives, open Monday and Wednesday afternoons.
Size of CollectionSix shelves.
Finding Aids/CataloguesThe Catholic Union archive does not have any searching aid.
Reference of Catalogue
Additional informationSee also related collection (Catholic Union of Great Britain (headquarters)).
Source of InformationC. Cook, The Routledge Guide to British Political Archives, 2006; contacts with Westminster Diocesan Archives (June 2007).
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