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NGOElectoral Reform Society

Electoral Reform Society, 6 Chancel Street, London, SE1 0UU

Telephone020 79281622
Background Information

The Electoral Reform Society seeks to make democracy more representative and responsive, and to minimise the problem of 'wasted votes', those votes that do not contribute towards the successful election of a candidate. The Society therefore campaigns for the introduction of the single-transferable vote system within multi-member constituencies. The society was founded by Liberal MP Sir John Lubbock, and was reinvigorated in 1905 under John H Humphreys. The Society has two subsidiary companies, Electoral Reform Services, and Electoral Reform International Services, advising on democratic processes, and a charitable arm, the McDougall Trust, to advance knowledge of democracy. The current name was adopted in 1959. The Society has had ECOSOC Roster Consultative Status since 1983. Sources:; Barberis et al 2000 pp72-3

Year Created1884
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Proportional Representation Society (1884-1959)

Related Organisations

Electoral Reform Services; Electoral Reform International Services; McDougall Trust

KeywordsGovernance and citizenship; Politics and political ideologies.
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