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CollectionChristian Ecology Link (CEL)
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CEL currently keeps its own records. They consist of:



- Annual Reports (1994 to the present; in the back of the Minutes Book with the Secretary);



- Financial Records (2001 to 2005 with the Treasurer in paper form. 2006 with accountants; the Treasurer also has a set of Gift Aid declarations and copies of standing orders going back to 2001);


- Minutes of meetings (1989 to the present; in the back of the Minutes Book with the Secretary);



- Correspondence (2002 to the present. The Information Officer keeps all paper letters received in a folder and all email correspondence in a folder in Outlook Express);


- Promotional Material (sample copies of everything from 1982 to the present - mainly with Secretary);


- Some Press-Releases; some of the more recent with the Information Officer;


- Press Cuttings (2002 to the present in folders with the Information Officer and Secretary);


- Other Publications (1982 to the present: Green Christian(s) with the Information Officer and Secretary. 1995 to the present: Bulletin and ChurchLink - not a complete collection, with Secretary);


- Electronic material (details unknown - on computers of different Steering Committee members);


- Website archiving (Archived from 2005 onwards. However most of the original material from 1998 onwards is on the website. The UK Web Archiving Consortium is archiving the website on a regular basis.


- Electronic Database (current members and also lapsed members going back to those who joined in the eighties);


- Photographs on website;


- Prints on exhibition panels;


- 1995 to present: papers presented to Committee meetings;


- 2002 to present: paper response forms filled in by c. 50% of new members.

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CEL's papers are stored in the homes of various members of CEL?s Steering Committee scattered around the UK. They are therefore not readily accessible to researchers.

Coverage1982- present
Size of Collectionc. 6 boxes
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Green Christian, CEL Bulletin and ChurchLink are deposited regularly with both the British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby and the Legal Deposit Library, 100 Euston Road, London.

Source of InformationDANGO Questionnaire (July 2007)
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