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NGOCampaign against Euro-federalism (CAEF)
AddressCampaign against Euro-federalism PO BOX 46295, London W5 2UG
Telephone0845 345 8902
Background InformationThe Campaign against Euro-federalism (CAEF) seeks to return to the United Kingdom the right of self-determination, which it sees as having been lost through membership of the European Union (EU). As such, CAEF seeks the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act, and to replace the supranational EU with an intergovernmental system of international relations. CAEF, oriented towards the labour and trade union movement, democrats, socialists, pensioners and students, is a member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, the Alliance Against the EU Constitution, and TEAM, the European Alliance of EU-critical Movements. Sources:; contact with NGO, April 2007
Year Created1991
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsCampaign for an Independent Britain; Alliance Against the EU Constitution (previously the Anti-Maastricht Alliance); TEAM, the European Alliance of EU-critical Movements
KeywordsEuropean integration.
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