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NGOBritish Youth Council (BYC)
AddressBritish Youth Council, The Mezzanine 2, Downstream Building, 1 London Bridge, London, SE1 9BG
Telephone0845 4581489
Background InformationThe British Youth Council (BYC) is a charity seeking to increase, and campaign in favour of, youth participation in British public life. It is also a national umbrella body for youth bodies, with a membership formed of local youth councils and youth organisations. Originally funded by the British Foreign Office as a means of countering Communist infiltration, the body evolved to concern itself with a wide range of national and international social issues, alongside the encouragement of democratic participation. Charity no. 305973. Source:
Year Created1948
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesBritish Delegation of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY)
Related OrganisationsWorld Assembly of Youth (WAY)
KeywordsChildren and young people; Governance and citizenship; Politics and political ideologies.
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