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NGOConscience: The Peace Tax Campaign
AddressConscience: The Peace Tax Campaign, Archway Resource Centre, 1b Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ
Telephone020 75611061
Background InformationConscience: The Peace Tax Campaign argues for the right of conscientious objectors to have the proportion of their taxes that fund the military (approximately 10%) diverted to peace-building initiatives. Conscience also supports 'war tax resisters', those who have incurred legal penalties though their refusal to contribute to the military budget. Conscience was established by Quaker Stanley Keeble, supported by the Peace Pledge Union and the Quaker Peace Committee. Sources:; Cook & Waller 1994 vol 1; Barberis et al 2000 p334
Year Created1977
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsPeace Pledge Union; Quaker Peace Committee
KeywordsGovernance and citizenship; International relations and international affairs; Legal affairs, the justice system and crime; War, conflict and pacifism.
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