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NGOChristian Socialist Movement (CSM)

Christian Socialist Movement, Westminster Central Hall, London, SW1H 9NH

Telephone020 72333736
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The Christian Socialist Movement (CSM) is a theological/political group affiliated to the Labour party. The CSM emerged out of the wider, older, Christian Socialist tradition, articulated in the 1850s by FD Maurice and others. Early CSM members came from the Socialist Christian League and the Society of Socialist Clergy Ministers. In 1959, Donald Soper and others published Papers from the Lamb, the result of meetings in a Bloomsbury pub to discuss a common programme of Christian Socialist values. The CSM as an organisation was then formed. CSM gained a higher profile in the 1990s from the membership of John Smith MP. CSM affiliated to the Labour party in 1988. Sources:; Barberis et al 2000 p368-9

Year Created1960
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Socialist Christian League; The Society of Socialist Clergy Ministers; The Labour party

KeywordsChristianity; Politics and political ideologies.
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