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CollectionNational Council on Inland Transport
NGONational Council on Inland Transport (NCIT)
RepositoryDoncaster Archives Department

Records of the National Council on Inland Transport (ref DS/NCIT) are held at Doncaster Archives Department. The records consist of:


 "secretary and chairmans' papers, publications received" (dates 1945-1991)


records; (dates 1969-91)


papers of Klaus Meyer, incl reports, corresp and articles" (dates c1963-2000)-see NRA record.


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CoverageBetween 1945 and 2000
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Reference of CatalogueNRA 33914 NCIT
Additional information

Further records, consisting of minutes and papers (ref PRO 30/82; dates 1953-81), are held at The National Archives.


Records relating to the National Council on Inland Transport are among a number of collections, including:


Friends of the Lake District, held at Cumbria Record Office, Kendal at refs WDSO 117/BVI 98; WDSO 117/BVI 46; WDSO 117/BIX -see online catalogue;


Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service: County Secretary's Department Archives, which contains related records at ref CS LA/3/15 -see online catalogue;


Papers of the Greater Manchester Transport Action Group (GMTAG), and Ken Child Transport collection, held at Greater Manchester County Record Office -see GMCO guide.  (Source: contacts with NCIT Sept 2007)


Records of Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive, held at Merseyside Record Office. The records are at ref M 388 MPT/F/4/3 -see online catalogue.


Minor references are listed on A2A.


Source of InformationNRA; A2A
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