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NGOArticle 19 Research and Information Centre on Censorship (Article 19)

Article 19, 6-8 Amwell Street, London, EC1R 1UQ

Telephone020 72789292
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Article 19, the working name of the Article 19 Research and Information Centre on Censorship, is an international human rights campaigning body, focusing on the freedoms of expression and access to information, as enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Established by US philanthropist and journalist Roderick MacArthur, the body works with partner organisations around the world to, in its own words, "monitor, research, publish, lobby, campaign, set standards, and litigate on behalf of freedom of expression wherever it is threatened." Charity no. 327421, company no. 2097222. Article 19 has been on the UN ECOSOC Roster since  1991. Sources:;

Year Created1987
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KeywordsCensorship, free speech, and freedom of expression; Human rights and civil liberties.
CollectionsThis organisation was contacted by DANGO and informed us of their choice not to participate in our survey.
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