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CollectionAberfan Disaster Fund (Dowlais and Merthyr Tydfil )
NGOAberfan Disaster Fund and Centre
RepositoryDowlais Library
DescriptionThe pages of The Aberfan Disaster project note that this collection contains "Borough Council material which includes the early records of the Aberfan Disaster Fund. The online catalogue gives details of the collection including; "Applications for the post of secretary/treasurer to the Aberfan Disaster Fund (C/002)"; "Wreath List Aberfan Cemetery 27-10-66 (C/003)"; " Aberfan Disaster Fund Suggestions for the Utilisation of Money C/004)"; "Copy of Correspondence of Main Committee Aberfan Disaster Fund (C/005)"; " Copies of 'Legal File' of Aberfan Disaster Fund (C/006)"; "Miscellaneous Correspondence re Aberfan Disaster Fund (C/007)"; "Aberfan Disaster Fund Trust Deed (C/008)"; " Miscellaneous Material relating to Aberfan Disaster Fund when run by Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council (C/009)"; " Miscellaneous Material relating to Individual Personal Claims for Compensation for Losses caused by the Disaster and the Rescue operation (C/010)"; "Aberfan Disaster Fund - Various Committees (C/011 )"; "Aberfan Development Study: Report on Preliminary Proposals (C/012 )"; "Miscellaneous Financial details of Aberfan Disaster Fund (C/013 )"; "Hand-written notes re ADF administration etc.C/014)".
Access RightsThe collection is not available for general public access. Prospective researchers must contact the Information staff at Merthyr Tydfil Central Library (01685 723057) to make an appointment to view the material. Please do not contact Dowlais Library staff directly.
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Finding Aids/Cataloguesonline catalogue
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Additional informationThe Aberfan Disaster project describe a second collection containing records of the Fund. This is held at Merthyr Tydfil Central Library. Details of this collection are shown in the online catalogue.
Source of InformationOnline pages of 'The Aberfan Disaster' project run from Nuffield College, Oxford.
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