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NGOAlliance Against the EU Constitution
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Background InformationThe Alliance Against the EU Constitution (and in its earlier manifestation as the Anti-Maastricht Alliance) served as an umbrella body of Eurosceptic groups, opposing British membership of the European Union (EU). It was chaired by Lord Stoddard, who went on to chair the Campaign for an Independent Britain. It was associated with the Brussels-based TEAM (The European Anti-Maastricht Alliance), which still exists, now renamed The European Alliance of EU-Critical Movements. Sources: Barberis et al _Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations_ 2000 p129;; contact with CAEF, April 2007
Year Created1992
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesAnti-Maastricht Alliance (AMA)
Related OrganisationsTEAM: The European Alliance of EU-Critical Movements
KeywordsEuropean integration.
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