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CollectionWWF (Collection of personal papers relating to the WWF)
NGOWorld Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) UK
RepositoryCambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

There are extensive records relating to the WWF in Cambridge University Library among the papers of Sir Peter Scott. "A co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund, he served as its first Chairman (1961-1982) and as Chairman of the WWF British National Appeal". Mentions of the WWF are scattered among his papers and do not represent a separate collection. Most of the references to the WWF can be found in section C ("Included here is significant documentation of his work for the World Wildlife Fund, mostly correspondence with prominent WWF officers and correspondence and papers concerning fundraising, in particular Scott's visits to Saudi Arabia in the mid-1970s."). There is also material in Section G (Lectures, speeches and addresses) where researchers can find "lectures and speeches given at conferences on environmental issues or the World Wildlife Fund". Finally, a substantial amount of the correspondence of Peter Scott, (Section M), spanning the period from the creation of the WWF to 1989, relate to the organisation. There are other numerous references to the organisation throughout the catalogue of his papers. (source: online file-level catalogue; all quotes from the catalogue)

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Not all the material from the Peter Scott collection is open for consultation. Enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to: The keeper of manuscripts and university archives, Cambridge University Library, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR.

Size of Collectionca 7800 items (overall collection of Peter Scott)
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There are several files relating to the WWF in the Natural History Museum: The Fisher Collection (see online catalogue). There is one box (seven files) of documents relating directly to the Fund in the Zuckerman Archive at the University of East Anglia. Documents focus chiefly on the years 1961-1967 and 1970. For further information, see online file-level catalogue. The founding of the World Wildlife Fund and other aspects of the early years of the WWF is documented in the Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund files (Box Folder 120) in the Julian Sorell Huxley Papers (Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA). See online file-level catalogue. Julian Huxley was one of the founder of the WWF. There might be other papers relating to the WWF in some other scattered collections of Huxley's papers. A full list of repositories where some papers relating to Huxley have been placed is available from the NRA. Links to online catalogues are provided for some of the collections, but none of these catalogues refer to the WWF. Guy Mountfort, one of the founders of WWF, had an extensive correspondence with two other funding members of the organisation. These correspondence has been kept in the papers of Peter Scott and Julian Huxley mentioned above. More details are available from the NRA. Finally, the papers of Edward Max Nicholson, another founder of WWF have been placed in various repositories; although the NRA does not mention anything in these papers relating to the WWF, it is probable that there would be some material relating to the organisation in one or several collections listed (see NRA list). See also related collection: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) UK.

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