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NGOAnglo Jewish Association

Anglo Jewish Association, Social Action Hub, Haskell House, 152 West End Lane, London NW6 1SD

Telephone0207 443 5169
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The Anglo Jewish Association is a cultural and educational charity, organising events and assisting Jewish students in financial need. The Association was established by the Alliance Israelite Universelle, formed eleven years earlier as a voice for world Jewry. Between 1874 and 1943, the Alliance co-operated with the Board of Deputies through the Conjoint Foreign Committee (later the Joint Foreign Committee), which was eventually disbanded over disagreement regarding the Association's anti-Zionist stance. Internationally, the Association is affiliated to the International Claims Conference and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. Source:

Year Created1871
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Alliance Israelite Universelle; International Claims Conference; Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture; Board of Deputies of British Jews

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