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NGOAncient Monuments Society (AMS)
AddressAncient Monuments Society, St Ann's Vestry Hall, 2 Church Entry, London, EC4V 5HB
Telephone020 7236 3934
Background InformationThe Ancient Monuments Society (AMS) works "for the study and conservation of ancient monuments, historic buildings and fine old craftsmanship", defining Ancient Monuments as "any man-made structure of architectural or historical interest - including houses, whether vernacular or polite, barns, almshouses, dovecotes, mills, churches and chapels". Through lobbying, and engaging with the planning system, the AMS seeks to ensure that ancient monuments are protected. Since 1980, the AMS has had a close working relationship with Friends of Friendless Churches, with the two bodies being based in the same offices. Source:
Year Created1924
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsFriends of Friendless Churches
KeywordsEnvironment and conservation.
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