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AddressBarnardo's, Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex IG6 1QG
Telephone020 85508822
Background InformationBarnardo's is a national charity working with poor and disadvantaged children. In 1867, in response to London's child poverty, Thomas John Barnardo opened a ragged school. This was followed by a home for boys in Stepney, and later a Girls' Village Home in Barkingside. By the time of Barnardo's death in 1905, his organisation had 95 homes. The 1948 Children's Act, driven by the 1946 Curtis Report, made local authorities responsible for destitute children, and Barnardo's began to work more with families. Its last traditional children's home closed in 1989. The decline in the need for residential homes during the 1960s led to the 1966 change of name from Dr Barnardo's Homes to Dr Barnardo's. This was shortened to Barnardo's in 1989. Source:
Year Created1867
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesDr Barnardo's Homes (1867-1966); Dr Barnardo's (1966-1989)
Related OrganisationsNational Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations (NCVCCO);
KeywordsChildren and young people; Family life; Housing and homelessness; Poverty and social exclusion (UK); Violence and abuse (individuals).
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