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Action for Blind People keeps its own archive. The records consist of the "archives of the Action for Blind People / London Association for the Blind (LAB), comprising:



minutes of LAB Directors' and Annual General Meetings, 1944-1972;



minutes of LAB Homes and Hostels / Buildings sub-committee, 1928-1932; Buildings and Estates / General Purposes and Buildings Committee, 1932-1942; General Purposes and Trading sub-committee 1942-1946 and Building and Estates sub-committee, 1946-1948;



minutes of LAB Finance sub-committee, 1928-1930; 1930-1938; Finance and general purposes sub-committee, 1938-1952;



minutes of the LAB Ladies Committee of the Association, 1911-1917; and Sales sub-committee of the Ladies Committee, 1920;



LAB Memoranda and Articles of Association, 1910, 1962, 1978, 1985; List of officers and patrons of the Association, 1857-1965;



LAB Analysis of Balance sheets, 1857-1956; Audit notebook, 1924-1926; Annual statements of accounts 1931, 1934-1939; Account book (of donations?) 1961-1981; Bought ledger and Blind average books, 1928-1945; Managers (weekly) reports, 1886-1887;



scrap book containing press cuttings relating to the Association, 1937-1965; scrap book containing Association publicity material including flyers for events and fundraising circulars, 1928-1954;



LAB Visitors Book, 1954-1978;



printed matter including Annual Reports 1876-77; 1879-1987; The Blind Record, 1914-1924, 1937-1938; News for LAB, Numbers 5, 7, 8 [1960s-1970s]; Re:Action 2001-2003;



printed catalogues [1920s-1930s]; 'Plastic mouldings by the Blind'; Brochures and leaflets relating to LAB Hostels, Cooper Lodge postcards; opening of Swail House, Epsom, 1952;



files relating to moulding shop development, reports and notes, 1954-1955; welding lesson notes, 1988; correspondence relating to bequests, 1972-1983; papers and letters relating to the opening of the Russell Hotel, Bognor Regis by Princes Alexandra, July 1968;



photographs 1920s-2003;



Hearth and Home, 1936, (renamed Alphega (Sportswear) Ltd, then Lafega) Hearth and Home share certificates, 1910-1926; Lafega register of members, directors, managers, transfers and mortgages and charges, 1910-1971; Minutes of H&H Board of Directors of the Company, including register of shareholders, 1910-1926; minutes of H& H/ Lafega annual meetings and directors' meetings, 1925-1944; Lafega Annual statements of accounts, 1936-1972 (incomplete);



Wheyo Tool Company Ltd minutes of Directors, 1964-1970; Register of shares, and company directors etc, 1949-1971; minutes of AGM 1971; Annual statement of accounts, 1964-1971".



(source: online collection-level catalogue)



Annual Reports 1994 to the present are retained by the Secretary in the Minutes Book.



The UK Web Archiving Consortium is archiving the website on a regular basis.


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By appointment only. Contact Mrs Sue Silvester, Action for Blind People

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The material is uncatalogued.

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See also the collection of the Barclay Institutions for the Blind held at the same location. There is also some information from the NRA about the London Association for the Blind. There are three minor references to the London Association for the Blind in A2A too.

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