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NGOFriends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Friends of the Earth, 26-28 Underwood Street, London, N1 7JQ

Telephone020 74901555
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Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland (company no. 1012357) is a major environmental campaign organisation, active on a wide range of issues from waste and recycling to global trade and climate change, all with the goal of seeing mankind living in an environmentally sustainable way. The national organisation is complemented by more than 200 largely autonomous local groups, campaigning on environmental issues in their area. Internationally, Friends of the Earth began in the US in 1969, and formed part of a wider shift from anthropocentric to biocentric views of the environment. A charitable arm exists, Friends of the Earth Trust Ltd, charity no. 281681. This is a successor body to Earth Resources Research, established in 1973, and renamed in the 1980s. Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland is affiliated to Friends of the Earth International. Sources:; Barberis et al Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations (2000) pp25-6.

Year Created1971
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Friends of the Earth International; Friends of the Earth Scotland; Friends of the Earth Trust Ltd; Stop Climate Chaos Coalition; Trade Justice Movement; Wildlife and Countryside Link; Transport 2000; Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition

KeywordsClimate change & global warming; Environment and conservation; Northern Ireland; Transport; Wales.
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