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NGOYoung Foundation

18 Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green, London. E2 9PF

Telephone020 8980 6263
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The inspiration for the Young Foundation (formed from a merger between the Institute of Community Studies and the Mutual Aid Centre) was the work of Michael Young, who was "one of the world's most creative and influential social thinkers and doers [...and who] changed attitudes to a host of social issues" in the twentieth century, including towards urban planning, education, and poverty. The Foundation seeks to continue Young's work by bringing together "insight, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet social needs" and by "carrying out research, influencing policy, creating new organisations and supporting others to do the same." It runs comprehensive pilot schemes to assess the viability of ideas before making policy recommendations (; Guardian)


Year Created2005
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Institute of Community Studies; Mutual Aid Centre

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KeywordsThink tanks & research organisations.
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