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NGOCampaign for the Homeless and Rootless (CHAR)

[This organisation no longer exists]

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CHAR was set up in response to the housing crisis that began in the 1960s with slum clearance programmes and a decline in affordable private-sector rental accommodation. It, along with other campaigning organisations (notably Crisis and Shelter), sought to "challeng[e] government policy and public opinion on the issue of homelessness." CHAR produced reports (including Jubilee Year for the Homeless? (1977) and Health Care for the Single Homeless: the Myths (1982)), magazines, photographic images and poster campaigns in order to achieve its aims. It later become known as the National Homeless Alliance (a national membership body for organisations tackling homelessness), which, in 2001, then merged with Homeless Network to become Homeless Link (source: Connecting Histories; Guardian; National Homeless Alliance)

Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Campaign against Homelessness and Rootlessness; National Homeless Alliance; Homeless Link

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KeywordsHousing and homelessness.
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