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NGOWorld Association for Christian Communication (WACC) UK

71 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6DX

Telephone020 7735 2877
Background Information

WACC was formed following two mergers: the first between the World Association for Christian Broadcasting (WACB) and the Co-ordinating Committee for Christian Broadcasting (CCCB) in 1968, and the second between this 'old' WACC and the Agency for Christian Literature Development (ACLD) in 1975, which became the 'new' and present day WACC.


WACC is a Christian-based organisation that works with other faith and secular partners to improve communication for social change. It believes "communication is a basic human right that defines people's common humanity, strengthens cultures, enables participation, creates community and challenges tyranny and oppression." Seeking to help the global South in particular, its main focus is in improving "media diversity, equal and affordable access to communication and knowledge, media and gender justice, and the relationship between communication and power." It does this by publishing resources, capacity-building, and supporting other projects (source:; DANGO questionnaire)


Year Created1968
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

World Committee for Christian Broadcasting (WCCB), World Association for Christian Broadcasting (WACB), Co-ordinating Committee for Christian Broadcasting (CCCB), Christian Literature Fund (CLF), Agency for Christian Literature Development (ACLD)

Related Organisations

World Council of Churches (WCC) – one of the founders of WACC and the global ecumenical church body; International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) – both organisations share international membership status; International Peace Research Association (IPRA) – WACC holds membership.


WACC is also the parent body of WACC-Africa, WACC-Asia, WACC-Caribe, WACC-Europe, WACC-Latin America, WACC-Middle East, WACC-North America, and WACC-Pacific.

KeywordsCensorship, free speech, and freedom of expression; Christianity; Gender; Human rights and civil liberties; Media & telecommunications.
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