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NGOJohn Mordaunt Trust

184 Hammersmith Road, London. W6 7DJ

Telephone020 8846 6611
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Inspired by the influential AIDS/drugs human rights activist, John Mordaunt, and founded by his widow, Andrea, the Trust was established to further John's work. Mordaunt campaigned as a harm-reduction activist, arguing that drugs-related policy should focus, not on preventing addicts taking drugs altogether, but, more realistically, on "reduc[ing] the greatest harms of daily use, i.e. overdose, blood borne diseases (BBDs) and crime, including violence related to drug-deals gone wrong" (User's Voice). The Trust therefore seeks to ensure that policies reduce harm to all individuals and communities affected by illegal drugs, including through the provision of legal substitute drugs (such as methadone) to prevent disease and reduce crime. Though Mordaunt advocated the legalisation of drugs, the Trust does not necessarily endorse this position. The Trust regularly publishes the User's Voice blog and newsletter (source: User's Voice; Wikipedia)


Year Created1996
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