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NGOCool Earth

77 South Audley Street, London. W1K 1JA

Telephone0800 093 0624
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Founded by businessman Johan Eliasch and MP Frank Field, Cool Earth was established to help combat climate change by protecting rainforests from degradation caused by excessive cattle ranching, farming, logging, and mining practices. Seeking direct public involvement rather than political solutions, it has introduced several public schemes, including the "conserve an acre" and "protect a tree" campaigns, and it works with local communities, setting up trust funds, making them legal custodians of the land, and incentivising conservation rather than harmful practices. It specifically seeks to protect rainforests in imminent danger (18 months or less) and areas with high levels of biodiversity, and, as of January 2010, it had conserved 121,720 acres of such rainforest (source:;


Year Created2007
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