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Band Aid was formed in 1984 by musicians Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in response to a BBC news article reporting the famine in Ethiopia and Sudan. A charity single, "Do They Know its Christmas", was co-written by Geldof and Ure and recorded by 40 artists of the day, raising some £10million to alleviate hunger. Following this success, 2 concerts, "Live Aid" (London and Philadelphia), were staged with 17 hours of live music from global artists, which raised a further £60million for the region. The Band Aid Charitable Trust was formally established in 1985 with the ongoing aim of helping to relieve hunger and poverty in Ethiopia and surrounding countries.


Since then, the charity single has been re-recorded and released twice, by Band Aid 2 in 1989 (to further assist the worsening crisis in Ethiopia, and raising some £500,000) and Band Aid 3 in 2004 (to alleviate the famine in Darfur). In 2005, 10 concerts, "Live 8", were staged in different locations across the world to coincide with the G8 summit with the goal of justice, not charity, for impoverished countries. The G8 agreed to the following as a result of Band Aid's and Global Call to Action Against Poverty's (GCAP) work:


* $50 billion more aid per year by 2010
* AIDS drugs to all those who need them, and care for all AIDS orphans
* Debt cancellation for 38 countries, with 18 benefiting this year
* Free, quality primary education and basic healthcare for all children.
* AIDS drugs for all who need them, and care for all AIDS orphans.
* Treatment and bed nets to halve deaths from malaria.
* Vaccinations to eradicate polio.


Band Aid has also organised several other fundraising ventures, including Fashion Aid, School Aid, Action Ecole (French School Aid), and Sport Aid, most of which have focussed on alleviating poverty and hunger in Africa.

(source: Live8; CNN; Wikipedia; BBC)

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