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NGOCommonwealth Policy Studies Unit (CPSU)

Institute of Commonwealth Studies, The School of Advanced Studies, University of London, 2nd Floor, South Block, Senate House, Malet Street, London. WC1E 7HU

Telephone+44 (0)20 7862 8844
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The Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit (CPSU) is part of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. It is a think-tank for fifty-three Commonwealth nations and nearly two billion citizens, specialising on five key programme areas concerning the Commonwealth: economic development and legal reform, water and environment, governance and democracy, youth and education, and communities and civil society. The CPSU conducts research, produces reports and briefings to inform and influence policy makers (source:

Year Created1998
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Institute of Commonwealth Studies, formally accredited to the Commonwealth

KeywordsGovernance and citizenship; International relations and international affairs; Think tanks & research organisations.
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