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NGOChristian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)

PO Box 99, New Malden, Surrey. KT3 3YF

Telephone+44 (0) 845 456 5464
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CSW is a human rights organisation which specialises in freedom of religion for all. It aims to be a voice for those who are persecuted for their religious, and in particular Christian, beliefs. CSW aims to influence legislation, policies, attitudes and behaviours which reinforce religious discrimination and persecution by making regular fact-finding visits and producing briefings and reports designed to ultimately bring about long-term cultural, social and political change. The organisation also mobilises the general public to pray and protest about religious persecution (source:

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Christian Solidarity International (CSW since 1997)

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KeywordsCensorship, free speech, and freedom of expression; Christianity; Equality, discrimination and prejudice; Human rights and civil liberties; Religion (general) and religious faith.
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