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Aegis Trust Policy, Research and Campaigns Unit (London, UK), Aegis Trust, 4 Pinchin Street, London. E1 1SA

Aegis Trust at the Holocaust Educational and Memorial Centre (Nottinghamshire) Aegis Trust, Holocaust Educational and Memorial Centre, Laxton, Newark, Nottinghamshire. NG22 0PA

Telephone+44 (0) 207 481 1000
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Co-founded by Dr. James Smith in 2000, the Aegis Trust was established to conduct policy based research on and campaign against crimes against humanity and genocide. It runs the Holocaust Memorial and Educational Centre in the UK and the Kigali Memorial Centre in Rwanda (with Kigali City Council) and provides research and advocacy support for the All Party Parliamentary Groups on the Prevention of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity in the UK and Canada (source:

Year Created2000
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KeywordsHuman rights and civil liberties; War, conflict and pacifism.
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