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Attend, 11-13 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Telephone0845 450 0285
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The National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends was formed in the wake of the formation of the NHS. The aim of the League was to coordinate the work of volunteers in hospitals. The change in name of the assocation "reflects a broadening in the focus and concerns of the work of our volunteers. Today while the majority of our members continue to support health care in hospitals, over 40% of our groups are based in the wider community. These volunteers support people facing other challenges including mental health and learning difficulties, and in a range of settings including hospices, community centres, prison and courts'. Charity  no. 1113067; registered Company no. 5713403. (source:

Year Created1948
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National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends (1948-1998)

National Association of Hospital and Community Friends (1998-2006)

Attend (2006- )

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