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NGOAfrica and Middle East Refugee Assistance - AMERA

13 Dron House,
Adelina Grove,
London E1 3AA

Telephone0208 741 5093
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African and Middle East Assistance (AMERA) was founded as a UK Charity in January 2003, to promote the development of pro bono legal aid for refugees in countries where such services are non-existent and where legal representation might assist them in realizing their rights. The awareness of this need came out of several years of research in Africa and the Mediterranean region that exposed the appalling conditions in which most refugees live and the failure of states to protect them. AMERA has been granted special consultative status by the United Nations ECOSOC in 2007. Charity No. 1098788; Company No 4644642.

Source: (accessed in 2008) and UN website.

Year Created2003
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