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NGOAlliance (Methadone Alliance)
AddressThe Alliance, 32 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QJ
Telephone020 72994304
Background InformationThe Alliance, the working name of the Methadone Alliance, describes itself as "a user led organisation which provides advocacy, training and helpline services to those currently in drug treatment, those who have accessed drug treatment in the past and those who may access drug treatment in the future." Established by drug users and professionals working in the field, the charity supports and facilitates user involvement in, and the user-centricity of, drug services, alongside undertaking related activities, such as research and education, and harm-reduction work. Charity no. 1081554, company no. 3934379. Source:
Year Created1998
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KeywordsAddiction and recreational drugs; Ill-Health, medicine, counselling and rehabilitation.
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