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NGOCampaign for Democratic Socialism (CDS)
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Background InformationThe Campaign for Democratic Socialism (CDS) was a social democratic pressure group within the Labour party, led by future-SDP founder Bill Rodgers, and loyal to Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell. It was formed in the wake of Gaitskell's failed attempt to revise Clause 4 of the Labour party's constitution, which committed it to a wide-ranging programme of nationalisation, and at a time when support for unilateral nuclear disarmament was in the ascendant. Through superior organisation, CDS managed to reverse the unilateralist stance of the party's 1960 annual conference the following year, but its cause was dealt a huge blow by the death of Gaitskell in 1963, and the subsequent election of Harold Wilson. CDS voluntarily wound-up following Labour's narrow victory in the 1964 general election. Source: Haseler The Gaitskellites 1969
Year Created1960
Year Ended1964
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Related OrganisationsLabour party
KeywordsPolitics and political ideologies.
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