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NGOCouncil for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC Cymru) Wales
AddressCEWC Cymru, Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3AP
Telephone029 20228549
Background InformationThe Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC Cymru) describes itself as "an educational charity working with young people to promote active global citizenship in Wales." The Council works with the support of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, and runs in schools and colleges such projects as model United Nations meetings, European Youth Parliaments, and the Wales Schools Debating Championships. Charity no. 1048759. Source:
Year Created1995
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsWelsh Centre for International Affairs; CEWC England; CEWC Northern Ireland
KeywordsChildren and young people; Education; Governance and citizenship; International relations and international affairs; Wales.
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