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CollectionCremation Society of Great Britain
NGOCremation Society of Great Britain
RepositoryDurham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

The archive of the Cremation society were deposited in 1998 in Durham University Library. "The archive contains the society's records and papers from its foundation up to approximately its centenary in 1974 (with the exception of certain series which it has retained for administrative purposes), together with its library of books, pamphlets, periodicals and ephemera. The principal pre-1974 record series not deposited comprise membership records, signed forms of desire for cremation, and claims registers and records (relating to the payment of cremation fees, the society's membership certificates having a value which may be the full cost or part of the cost of cremation). The archive has a strongly international character, reflecting the society's close contacts with cremationist bodies in other countries ever since its foundation". (from Durham Library's online catalogue; See also Hub's online catalogue).

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Those sections which have been sorted and listed are available for consultation. Access is also possible by prior arrangement to material in those sections which are still being sorted.

Size of Collection50 metres (including 14 metres of papers)
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Source of InformationNRA; Durham Library; contacts with Cremation Society (March 2007);
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