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CollectionConfederation of Indian Organisations (UK)
NGOConfederation of Indian Organisations (UK)
RepositoryConfederation of Indian Organisations (UK)
DescriptionAccording to Cook & Waller (Sources in contemporary British history, vol 1, 1994), the Confederation "retains the minutes of its general meetings. Reports are produced after conferences or seminars (e.g. Disability conference 1987, Equal Opportunity Conference 1985, Mental Health Seminar 1991) and the confederation has produced a number of publications on different areas of work. In addition, a quarterly newsletter has been published since 1988. Annual reports have also been produced from 1989 and annual audited accounts are retained on file. Correspondence is filed by subject, except for that with government departments and larger organisations, which is filed by originator. Press releases and miscellaneous mail are maintained separately. All documents are kept at the Confederation's offices and access to non-public documents is subject to the management committee's approval."
Access RightsAccess to non-public documents is subject to the management committee's approval
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Additional informationThere are 2 subject files relating to the confederation in London Metropolitan Archives: Greater London Council/London Residuary Body ( Reference: LRB/FN/C4/02/48, 1980 to 1986; see online catalogue). There is one other minor reference to the confederation in A2A.
Source of InformationNRA; A2A; Cook & Waller, Sources in contemporary British history, vol 1, 1994
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