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NGOEnvironmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

EJF, 5 St Peter's Street, London, N1 8JD

Telephone020 73590440
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The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is an environmental campaign group. Working worldwide directly with victims of environmental degradation, which it conceptualises as ultimately a human rights issue, EJF describes its approach as "dedicated to creating, implementing and building solutions where they are needed most - training local people and communities who are directly affected to investigate, expose and combat environmental degradation and abuse." Specific campaign topics include abuses in the cotton and fishing industries, pesticide usage, and wildlife protection. Company no. 3853159. There also exists an EJF charitable trust, no. 1088128. Sources:;

Year Created1999
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Environmental Justice (1999-2000); Environmental Justice Protection

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KeywordsEnvironment and conservation; Human rights and civil liberties.
CollectionsThis organisation was contacted by DANGO and informed us of their choice not to participate in our survey.
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