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NGOChristian International Peace Service (CHIPS)

CHIPS, 35 Melton Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7DA

Telephone0121 4440346
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The Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS) describes itself as working "for peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict and tension around the world." CHIPS has employed its community-based peace building approach around the world, initially in Cyprus in the 1960s, and also in India, Uganda, and the Philippines. In the 1970s, the group also worked in Northern Ireland. In England, CHIPS participated in the foundation of both Traidcraft and Christian Engineers in Development (CED), as well as having established Christian Industrial Enterprises Ltd (CIEL), and worked on London-based projects in the 1970s and 1980s. Charity no. 267140. Source:

Year Created1966
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Network of Christian Peace Organisations; Traidcraft; Christian Engineers in Development (CED); Christian Industrial Enterprises Ltd (CIEL)

KeywordsChristianity; Northern Ireland; War, conflict and pacifism.
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