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NGOCongress of University Convocations and Graduate Associations
Address[The DANGO team has been unable to trace this organisation and believes that it may no longer exist. If you have any information about this or any other organisation on our database, please contact us at]
Background InformationThe Congress of University Convocations and Graduate Associations was originally established in order to select candidates for Combined English Universities constituency (made up of the universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield), one of the parliamentary constituencies reserved for British universities by the 1918 Representation of the People Act, and abolished by its 1948 successor. Alongside this role, it also discussed university and graduate affairs more generally. Following the abolition of the parliamentary seats, the organisation developed into a more general support body for university and graduate life. Source: Allan _University Bodies_ 1990 pp81-3
Year Created1918
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesJoint Steering/Standing Committee of Convocation (1918-1950); Conference of University Convocations (1950-1989);
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KeywordsEducation; Governance and citizenship; Politics and political ideologies.
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