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CollectionCatholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia
NGOCatholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia
RepositoryBorthwick Institute for Archives Borthwick Institute for Archives
DescriptionSome records of the commission, which were previously held by the Centre for Southern African Studies, University of York have now been placed at the Borthwick Institute for Archives (University of York). These records are mostly pamphlets and publications covering the period 1975-1976. The material "includes: preliminary and final versions of the CCJPR's pamphlets on atrocities by the Rhodesian security forces: The Man in the Middle, April 1975, and Civil War in Rhodesia, August 1976. Other reports and statements include: on Chiwesha Tribal Trust Territory 1974; Robert Mugabe on Zimbabwe African People's Union and Zimbabwe African National Union prisoners; on the Bill to protect Servants of the State, July 1975; on shootings at Karima village, 12th August 1975. Catholic Directory of Rhodesia 1975/76. There is also extensive documentation on the trial of Bishop Lamont, who was tried in 1976 for not reporting and therefore for supporting insurgent activities, and who was later deported; includes texts of interviews with Lamont, telegrams of support, etc." (source: A2A collection-level online description)
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Size of Collection1 box; 39 items
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Additional informationAt the Borthwick Institute, there are some references to the Catholic Commission under papers, reports and press-cuttings on Rhodesia 1971-1972, and on Tanzania, belonging to Judith, Countess of Listowel [ref: LIS]. These include material on the African National Council, the Pearce Commission and Centre party, the Rhodesian Constitution, politics and the Catholic Church and taped records of her conversations with Bishop Muzorewa and with Mr Pat Bashford (Centre Party). There is also are references within the Sister Mary Rose archive [ref: RHO I], which is just one letter dated Feb. 26, 1977 to Mrs Hill, mother of Chirstopher Hill, containing an eye-witness account of the Musami Mission Massacre of Jan. 1977. There is a box pertaining to Rhodesian politics [ref: MOU Box X], which appears to include some circulars by the Catholic Commission for Justice and peace and also some of the speeches of James William Moubray as spokesman for the Centre party in the 1971 Referendum Campaign. Lastly, the Catholic Commission is mentioned under the Rhodesian Security Forces collection [ref: RSF], which is mostly a collection of pamphlets, briefing reports and press releases relating to counter-insurgency activities from 1974-1977. The Scottish Catholic Justice and Peace Commission have been placed in Scottish Catholic Archives (ref. NJ) (source: NRA). There is one other minor reference to the commission in A2A.
Source of InformationNRA; A2A; contacts with Borthwick Institute for Archives (June 2007)
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