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NGOWelsh Women's Aid/Cymorth I Fenywod
AddressWelsh Women's Aid, 38-48 Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF24 2NN
Telephone02920 390874
Background InformationWelsh Women's Aid is the co-ordinating body for the refuges and support services for female and child victims of domestic violence, formed within the context of the wider development of women's refuges that came with the advent of second-wave feminism in the 1970s. The first Welsh refuges were established in the 1970s, with this umbrella body being set up in 1978. Alongside providing support for individual refuges, providing advice and support for victims of domestic violence more generally, and campaigning and lobbying, the organisation also works to raise public awareness of domestic violence. In 1999, the body also established a specialised BME network, BAWSO (Black Association of Women Step Out) Company no. IP23753R. Source:
Year Created1978
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesSubsidiary body: BAWSO (Black Association of Women Step Out)
Related OrganisationsWomen's Aid Federation Northern Ireland; Scottish Women's Aid; Women's Aid Federation of England
KeywordsChildren and young people; Ethnicity and race; Family life; Gender; Housing and homelessness; Legal affairs, the justice system and crime; Violence and abuse (individuals); Wales.
CollectionsThis organisation was contacted by DANGO and to date we have received no reply.
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