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NGOCommon Market Safeguards Campaign

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The Common Market Safeguards Campaign was a cross-party body, fundamentally opposed (despite the equivocation of its title) to British membership of what was then the European Economic Community (EEC). At its launch in 1970, it was chaired by Labour MP Douglas Jay, with Liberal Peter Bessell and Conservative Neil Marten as vice-chairs. It drew personnel from the right-leaning Anti Common Market League, and the Labour Common Market Safeguards Committee, with figures such as Jay, campaign director Ron Leighton, and John Mills. The Campaign was also a constituent part of the National Referendum Campaign, which led the (unsuccessful) fight for a 'no' vote in the 1975 referendum on British EEC membership.


Year Created1970
Year Ended1970s
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National Referendum Campaign; Anti Common Market League; Labour Common Market Safeguards Committee (now the Labour Euro Safeguards Campaign); Forward Britain Movement; Get Britain Out; National Common Market Petition Council; Women Against the Common Market; Full Employment Forum

KeywordsEuropean integration.
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