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NGOPeace Pledge Union

Peace Pledge Union, 1 Peace Passage, London, N7 0BT

Telephone020 7424 9444
Background Information

The Peace Pledge Union has its roots in 1934, with a letter to the Guardian from Church of England clergyman Dick Sheppard, inviting pledges from readers to renounce war and never again to support it. The Dr HRL Sheppard's Peace Movement was launched in 1935, and by 1936 100,000 responses had been received. Early supporters included Aldous Huxley, Vera Brittain, Siegfried Sassoon, Donald Soper and George Lansbury. In 1937, No More War Movement, the successor body to the First World War's Non-Conscription Fellowship, merged with the PPU. The Union joined with the Co-operative Women's Guild to support their pacifist white poppy initiative, as a response to the red poppies of remembrance. The white poppies are still produced, with Margaret Thatcher expressing her 'deep distaste' for the idea in 1986. During the Second World War, the Union campaigned against British participation, including the introduction of conscription and intensive bombing of German cities. In 1950, the Union organised the first mass rally against nuclear weapons, in Trafalgar Square. The Union has helped to found the Campaign Against Arms Trade, and Conscience: the Peace Tax Campaign, and is affiliated to War Resisters' International. The current name was adopted in 1936. Source: A short history of PPU is available here, while a longer history can be bought from here.

Year Created1930s
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

No More War Movement (1921-1937); Dr HRL Sheppard's Peace Movement (1935-1936)

Related Organisations

Campaign Against Arms Trade; Conscience: The Peace Tax Campaign; War Resisters' International; Co-operative Women's Guild

KeywordsInternational relations and international affairs; War, conflict and pacifism.
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