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AddressCarr-Gomm, Duke House, 6-12 Tabard Street, London, SE1 4JU
Telephone020 73975300
Background InformationCarr-Gomm is a major support organisation for vulnerable people, providing services and housing, and with a particular focus on those with physical or learning disabilities, or mental heath problems. The body was established in Bermondsey, London, by Richard Carr-Gomm, founder of both the Abbeyfield Society and the Morpeth Society, and is now active across England. Company no. 00859083, charity no. 245698. Sources:;
Year Created1965
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesCarr-Gomm Society (1965-2006)
Related OrganisationsAbbeyfield Society; Morpeth Society; Carr-Gomm Scotland
KeywordsDisability; Housing and homelessness; Ill-Health, medicine, counselling and rehabilitation; Social care.
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