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NGOCare NOT Killing Alliance
AddressCare NOT Killing Alliance, PO Box 56322, London, SE1 8XW
Telephone020 76330770
Background InformationThe Care NOT Killing Alliance is an anti-euthanasia pressure group, describing itself as "a UK-based alliance of individuals and organisations which brings together human rights groups, healthcare groups, palliative care groups and faith-based organisations with the aims of: Promoting more and better palliative care; Ensuring that existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened or repealed during the lifetime of the current Parliament; Influencing the balance of public opinion further against any weakening of the law." Source:
Year Created2005
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Related OrganisationsSteering committee members include: Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland; British Council of Disabled People; RADAR; Medical Ethics Alliance; Church of England; Christian Medical Fellowship
KeywordsDeath and bereavement; Ill-Health, medicine, counselling and rehabilitation.
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