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DescriptionThe records of the British Heart Foundation are kept at its headquarters. According to Cook, "(...) the material presently consists of typewritten minutes and lists of members of Council and governing committees from the incorporation of BHF to date; annual reports an accounts for the period since 1964; reports on the outcome of research undertaken by holders of grants from BHF; financial records for the preceding seven years; and correspondence and subject files, still held by each relevant department.'' (Cook & Waller, Sources in Contemporary British History, vol 1, 1994; C. Cook, The Routledge Guide to British Political Archives, 2006; information updated in April 2007 by DANGO)
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Additional informationThere are also records ( c1968-1977: minutes) relating to the British Heart Foundation Appeal: Redbridge committee (Redbridge, Essex), in Redbridge Local Studies and Archives. There is also a substantial amount of material relating to the Foundation and covering a lengthy time-span and matters of consequence such as research policy, grant applications, etc. in the papers and correspondence of Sir Ernst Boris Chain at the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine (1906 - 1979) (ref. CSAC 92.3.83/E.21-E.25, see online catalogues A2A and AIM25). Researchers should also note that copies of British Heart Foundation annual research reports (1978-1985), and applications for grants [1972-1989], are kept at London University: Kings College Archives (King's College Hospital Thrombosis Research Unit; see online catalogue). There are other minor references relating to the BHF in A2A.
Source of InformationNRA; A2A; Aim25; Cook & Waller, Sources in Contemporary British History, vol 1, 1994; contacts with British Heart Foundation (April 2007)
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