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The papers of the British and Foreign School Society (NRA 30809) have been placed at the the School Society Archive Centre, Brunel University Library. "The bulk of both documentary and printed material dates from the early 19th century beginning with the establishment of monitorial, unsectarian schools for the poor by Joseph Lancaster. Most material relating to the early 20th.century was destroyed in the Second World War, but there are papers of post-war provenance relating to the Council and Committees of the Society and to Annual Meetings. Surviving files of the Secretaries date from c.1830. Financial records have been retained. The bulk of the Collection relates to nineteenth century ?British schools? and the colleges of the Society, notably Borough Road and Stockwell. There is a series of files on the overseas work of the Society. Printed books include a complete set of the Society?s Annual Reports from 1814 and the Salmon Collection of educational writings by Joseph Lancaster and others such as Sarah Trimmer. (See also the BFSS website, and NRA.)" (Source: contact with Brunel University Archive) (see also the BFSS archives website and NRA).

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There are also London schools plans (1851-1871) in London Metropolitan Archives created by the British and Foreign School Society (source: A2A online catalogue and NRA). The Gloucester branch and the Nayland and Rotherham and Masbrough committees of BFSS have also placed records in local repositories (more information from the previous links). There are a number of minor references to the British and Foreign School Society in A2A and AIM25.

Source of InformationNRA; A2A; Aim25; BFSS website; Contact with Brunel University Archive (Sept 2007).
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