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NGOCampaign Against Climate Change
AddressCampaign against Climate Change, Top Floor, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX
Background Information"The Campaign against Climate Change (variously abbreviated to CCC or CaCC) is a UK-based pressure group that aims to raise public awareness of anthropogenic climate change through mobilising mass demonstrations. Founded in 2001 in response to President Bush's rejection of the Kyoto protocol, the organisation saw a steady increase in attendance on marches, before a sudden take-off of interest between October - December 2005. An estimated 10,000 people attended its most recent rally in London, on December 3rd, 2005, making this easily the biggest demonstration on climate change in the UK to date. CCC is an example of a growing number of climate-related environmental pressure groups that have developed during the last decade, including organisations like Rising Tide, and the coalition group Stop Climate Chaos, of which the Campaign against Climate Change is a member". The Honorary President of the campaign is George Monbiot. Source: Wikipedia and
Year Created2001
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Related OrganisationsStop Climate Chaos
KeywordsClimate change & global warming; Environment and conservation.
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