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NGOAnimal Liberation Front

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ALF is a radical, direct-action animal liberaton organisation that describes itself as the "ultimate freedom movement" and seeks "to abolish institutionalized animal exploitation because it assumes that animals are property." It was originally established as Band of Mercy and sought to be a more revolutionary movement than the Hunt Sabateurs Association, which protested largely through peaceful, legal means. Action advocated by ALF includes illegally liberating animals from suffering, and damaging or destroying property/equipment used in animal exploitation, whilst ensuring that no human or nonhuman life is endangered in the process. It is supported by the ALF Supporters' Group, which provides assistance to ALF members who have been imprisoned due to their action (source:


Year Created1972
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Band of Mercy (1972-1976)

Related Organisations

Hunt Saboteurs Association;

ALF Supporters' Group

KeywordsAnimals and animal protection.
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