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NGOUnited Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA)

UJIA, Balfour House, 741 High Road, London N12 0BQ

Telephone020 8369 5000
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The United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA) is a major Jewish charity, working to support both development projects within Israel, and to support the development of the Jewish community in Britain. Although the current organisation was only established in the 1990s, its roots go back to the 1940s, and it is the successor body to such groups as the United Palestine Appeal (est. 1944), the Joint Palestine Appeal (est. 1947), and the Joint Israel Appeal (est. 1973). The organisation now incorporates its former charitable arm, the Joint Jewish Charitable Trust. Company no. 3295115, charity no. 1060078. Sources:;

Year Created1996
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

United Palestine Appeal; Joint Palestine Appeal; Joint Israel Appeal; Joint Jewish Charitable Trust

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KeywordsInternational relations and international affairs; Judaism.
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