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NGOCBM (Christian Blind Mission) UK
AddressCBM UK, Vision House, 7/8 Oakington Business Park, Oakington, Cambridge, CB4 5BD
Telephone01223 484700
Background InformationCBM (Christian Blind Mission) UK is the local arm (charity no. 1058162) of an international Christian charity seeking to aid the blind, deaf and disabled. This is pursued "through medical intervention, education and rehabilitation, emergency relief and in capacity building through training, research, advocacy and awareness creation." CBM is active in 114 countries worldwide. CBM was founded in 1908 by Ernest J Christoffel. Source:
Year Created1996
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Related OrganisationsCBM (Christian Blind Mission)
KeywordsChristianity; Disability; Education; Ill-Health, medicine, counselling and rehabilitation; International development and humanitarian aid; Think tanks & research organisations.
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